Healthy Relationships

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All couples argue every now and then. When the arguments become frequent and more intense, it may be time to seek help. Here are a few ways to tell when it’s time to find a professional to intervene.

When It’s Time for Help

If you are in a relationship where arguments are starting over silly things (such as laundry or dishes), then there is probably a bigger underlying issue. Anytime violence, whether emotional or physical, is brought in to the picture help is needed. Some other signs are radical changes in behavior, loss of communication, lack of sex, or just general misery. If you are in any of these categories it’s time to find some help.

Where to Find Help

Relationship is available in many different forms. If money is an issue, you may be able to seek assistance from clergy. Most churches offer some type of spiritual counseling for little or no money. This will only benefit both of you if you are both active in the religious community.

Many therapists will also work on a sliding scale. So finding a qualified therapist shouldn’t be difficult. If you have health insurance, call them to see if mental health is covered, and at what capacity.

What to Avoid

Unless your best friend also happens to be a marriage counselor, avoid asking them for help. Friends and family can make great sounding boards, but are typically lousy therapists. Also don’t ask for help from anyone your partner is uncomfortable with unless you want to make the situation worse.

Have You Found Your Soul Mate? How to Tell

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Being in love is wonderful. And for many people, the question is one of forever compatibility. The question of soul mates often simply means finding the person you could potentially feel comfortable with for the rest of your life. So how do you know when you’ve finally found the one?

Complete Comfort

Can you be comfortable sitting in silence near your partner? Do you feel that they understand you without having to go in to long explanations? Being able to be yourself around your partner is a pretty good indicator that you have found someone you can be with for the long term.

How Do You Think About Them?

If you find yourself thinking about them and putting their well being above yours, it’s a good sign that this is a solid relationship. While you shouldn’t neglect yourself, when their needs become just as important as yours it’s a strong relationship.

Think About the Future

If you find yourself thinking and planning for a future with this person, in the long term, it’s another good indication that this may be a good long term mate. When we first start dating someone we may think about weddings and big houses, but we actually start to save for our futures together, and we can’t see ourselves in 10 years without the other person, the relationship is solid enough to consider it a soul mate situation.

Dating and sex

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Dating and sex go hand in hand. You will need to make sure that you know a few of the key rules so that you can keep yourself healthy and safe all while having a great time. Allowing dating and sex to get too confusing can end up ruining a potentially good relationship.

First Time

The first time that you have sex with somebody that you are dating it may be a little weird. Never allow the first time to determine whether or not the sex is good. Unless the sex was really unpleasant, uncomfortable or just extremely bad always remember that the first time isn’t usually the best time.


Always make sure that you use a condom, this is especially true if you are in a new relationship. You don’t know who they have been with and if they are still with other people. This is something that can help to prevent you from catching anything unpleasant that may be difficult or impossible to get rid of.

Know Where You Stand

It is important that whenever you are dating somebody and having sex with them that you both know where you stand. If you are casual you need to discuss if it is okay to see other people and if it is something that you are both comfortable with. Typically, when sex is involved it gets a little more complicated when it comes to keeping it casual. This is especially true if the sex happens to be really good, but if it is good and you wish to do more with others then maybe you should think about putting up a Swingers Ad.

Dating to make friends

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Dating to make friends is actually a lot more common than most people think. Going on a friend date can be a great way for you to meet new people and open yourself up to an entirely new circle of people. You will find that a friend date can be a lot more fun than a real date.


Asking somebody out on a friend date can be just as nerve racking as asking somebody out on a real date. You don’t want them to get the wrong impression or feel awkward so make sure to keep it completely casual. If they begin to look uncomfortable make sure that they know that it is a friend date that they are being asked out on.


Of course going on a friend date is not the same as a regular date. This means that dinner by candlelight is out. Go out for a few drinks or shopping. Go somewhere you would typically go with your already established friends. You want the place that you go to to give you both a chance to get to know the other and to have some fun.

Where to Look

It can be difficult to try to find people to go on friend dates with. This is especially true if you are new to the area. Whenever you are out, no matter where, engage in conversation with people that seem interesting. Don’t push, if they seem like they don’t want to talk then do not bother them.